We have a solution for everyone. But never the same one twice.

Advice, management and availability

We work with you in a real partnership to design your strategy, adopting a global approach that meets your requirements. We manage your assets to enable you to develop and preserve your wealth in line with your personal goals.


We create investment solutions tailored to your wealth objectives, taking into account all your tax and legal considerations. Our human-scale structure, dynamic decision-making processes and our limit to the number of clients handled by each relationship manager, ensure that we are highly responsive and always available for you.

Experience to rely on

You are entrusting your assets to highly experienced professionals. Our managers have a background at major banks, and all have more than 20 years of experience.

Fransad Gestion is a full-service organisation where relationship managers work closely with specialists in their field of expertise: financial markets, risk management and compliance. Your portfolio is reviewed on an ongoing basis by an internal team, independent from the portfolio managers, to ensure that risks are actively managed in line with your personal profile.

Market expertise

Our investment specialists are always on the lookout for new opportunities. They actively collaborate with the relationship managers to manage your portfolio, your specialised mandates, or to implement complex strategies, drawing on expert knowledge of markets and of investment solutions to optimise the structure of your portfolio. If you wish, we can provide you with direct access to their advice and expertise.

Further, they also create and manage a full range of Actively Managed Certificates for different asset classes and themes, enabling you to diversify your investments and participate in future market trends.

Transparency and simplicity

You choose your custodian bank while we manage your portfolio, as well as all administrative and regulatory matters.

You benefit from a strictly personal relationship with your manager through regular meetings and enjoy complete transparency regarding your portfolio thanks to reports that are updated as regularly as required.

To provide a global view of your wealth, you can also entrust us with the consolidation of all your assets held by different banks, even if we manage only part of them.

Your solution

You can choose to what degree you wish to be involved in the management of your portfolio. Whether you opt for a discretionary or advisory mandate, your relationship manager will support you in the creation, implementation and ongoing monitoring of an investment strategy specifically optimised and structured according to your personal situation, your return objectives, and your risk tolerance.

Discretionary mandate

Free yourself from having to monitor your investments on a daily basis.

Together with your relationship manager, you decide on the approach that suits you best from among five risk profiles, or define a completely personalised solution. We then invest and manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis in line with our investment policy, and provide you with reports according to a defined schedule.

Advisory mandate*

We provide our advice, but you make your own decisions.

You remain directly involved in the management of your financial assets while benefiting from the experience and ideas of investment professionals.

Your relationship manager shares with you their investment, asset allocation and portfolio structuring recommendations according to your objectives, market trends or risk profile. We directly undertake the execution of your market instructions.

*For investors categorised as professionals

Along your journey, every step of the way

Access to leading experts

In addition to our own areas of expertise, we can call on all the capabilities required to meet your needs in keeping with your personal circumstances, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

You benefit from unique access to Fransad Gestion's network of partners – including banks, private equity specialists, analysts, brokers, tax experts, lawyers, research institutes and fund managers – who share our values and with whom we maintain privileged relationships.

Preparing for the future

The issue of transmission is at the heart of your wealth management strategy and must be prepared in advance for future generations.

We offer you tailor-made support for structuring your assets and liabilities, particularly in the following areas:

- Wealth engineering.

- Definition and optimisation of your overall asset allocation (securities, real estate, shareholdings and collections).

- Creation of asset holding structures, particularly for real estate and private equity.

- Disposal of businesses.